Lekopt is for the health of the nation

Thanks to the high professionalism and healthy ambitions of its employees, Lekopt has been dynamically developing in the pharmaceutical market since 2016. Flexible pricing system and clear missions allowed Lekopt to occupy its niche, while clear and well-thought-out logistics ensures the growth of regular customers.

The specificity of the products sold determines the creation of special terms of storage and transportation.

  • The high class of warehousing facilities, which complies with and is fully confirmed by international certificates of GDP and GSP, implies the use of durable, equipped with air conditioning, ventilation and alarm systems.
  • The minimum height of the ceilings in our warehouse is 12 m, which allows us to arrange rack storage up to 6 tiers.
  • Multi-temperature mode allows to store medicines in accordance with certain requirements of storage standards. Climate control of industrial installations, as well as backup power supply eliminates damage to medicines and medical devices.
  • Access to the warehouse by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited, employees are subject to a competitive selection process as well as ongoing multi-level training.
  • Such high demands on the arrangement of warehouses are dictated by public safety concern.
  • Our fleet is represented by machines capable of protecting cargo from mechanical, climatic or other impacts. The body of our vehicles is hermetically sealed, which together with climatic units allows us to maintain the necessary temperature regime during transportation.
  • Delivery by own transport and through trusted logistics companies.
Assembly and delivery of orders for the next day
The warehouse is open from 8 am to 8 pm.
Delivery all over Russia
We work in accordance with GDP, GSP, ISO 9000 standards.
Growth prospects

Currently, our company has a representative office in the Chuvash Republic. We are planning to expand our network. Customers of the Republic of Mari El, Tatarstan and Mordovia, as well as 3 regions of the Russian Federation (Perm Krai, Tula and Lipetsk Region) will soon be able to cooperate with us through representative offices on their territory.

for our partners

Direct deliveries from the Russian and Belarusian manufacturers guarantee always a sufficient amount of medications and their high quality;

Working through official distributors of imported products can fully meet consumer demand on this product;

Timely delivery by own transport and through trusted logistics companies.

Guarantee of quality of supplied medicines is confirmed by registration certificates and certificates of conformity. At the moment, at the stage of opening its own multi-profile medical center, which will open its doors not only to patients on a commercial basis, but also will focus on providing medical services to the population free of charge.

Company professional life

People in Lekopt are the company's greatest treasure.

We are constantly developing as well as our employees with us. Lekopt is always happy to see new initiative and ambitious staff in its team. We are waiting for everyone who wants to share their experience and ideas in our field with a transparent and very worthy motivation.

Working together is the key to success.

Send us your suggestions on HR@lekopt.ru.